Episode 6: Come Again? The Komagata Maru Story

What more can be said about the Komagata Maru? Lots!

The Emoji Maru: the Komagata Maru story told by emojis. By Paneet Singh.

103 years after the Komagata Maru ship was turned away from Canada on July 23, Naveen, Milan and Paneet discuss what was happening on the shore and behind-the-scenes with the Canadian government.

We’ve provided a list of the photographs and documents discussed in the episode below, so you can follow along and discover new stories along with The Nameless Collective.

Your Guide to Episode 6 of The Nameless Collective Podcast:

Onboard the Komagata Maru. Source: Vancouver Public Library.

Starting with historic photographs, graphic novelist and muralist Orijit Sen reimagines our visual memories of the Komagata Maru. This photograph features the Shore Committee with a Canadian Immigration official. Original Source: Vancouver Public Library.

Cover story from the June 1, 1914 special double issue of The Hindustanee Newspaper. Source: Arjun Singh Chand collection at Simon Fraser University.

J. Edward Bird, lawyer for the Shore Committee and Komagata Maru legal defense. Source: Canadian Sikhs by Kesar Singh.

Amanat Ali Khan was an active member of the community who helped raise funds for the Komagata Maru legal defense. Source: Canadian Sikhs by Kesar Singh.

An Punjabi ad for J. Edward Bird’s law firm placed in “India and Canada” Newspaper. Source: Library and Archives of Canada.

Telegram from R. L. Borden to H.H. Stevens regarding the successful conclusion of the Komagata Maru affair. July 22, 1914. Source: City of Vancouver Archives, via http://komagatamarujourney.ca/node/181.

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Photographs & Documents Referenced in Episode 6 of The Nameless Collective Podcast:

Personal correspondence with Dr. John Price, University of Victoria.

Johnston, H. J. (2014). The voyage of the Komagata Maru: The Sikh challenge to Canada’s colour bar. UBC Press.

Kazimi, A. (2011). Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru: An Illustrated History. Douglas & McIntyre.