Episode 7: The Hindoo Missile Crisis

Hopkinson is overwhelmed. The passengers retaliate. In this episode we wrap up our conversation about the Komagata Maru and share stories about what happened to the passengers once they returned home to India. But that’s not all.

Cover of The Sun Newspaper on July 8, 1814. From the Arjun Singh Chand Collection at Simon Fraser University Library.

We also walk you through our first visit to Library and Archives Canada – the national archive based in Ottawa, where we uncover more than a few dusty newspapers.

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Photographs & Documents Referenced in Episode 7 of The Nameless Collective Podcast:

Mawani, R. (2014). “Sovereignties in dispute: the Komagata Maru and spectral Indigeneities, 1914.” In Dorsett, S., & McLaren, J. (Eds.). Legal histories of the British Empire: laws, engagements and legacies. Routledge.

Library and Archives of Canada.

Thank you to the organizers of the “Charting Imperial Itineraries” for the tour of Victoria and conference.

Personal correspondence with Kulwant Singh Nadeem Parmar, Manjit and Harjit Dhillon, and Dr. Kanwal Singh Neel.