S02 E01: Crime & Criminality

"Louis Seville's" Mugshot. City of Vancouver Archives.

We're back! Season 2 of The Nameless Collective Podcast is here after a long hiatus, and we've got five episodes full of surprises, stories, and a few mysteries. This season, we talk about crime & criminality, and what constitutes criminal behaviour amongst early South Asian settlers in and around Vancouver, Canada. In Episode 1, we look at a book of mugshots, which include Louis Seville, listed as a "Hindoo" in the file, and accused of stealing a purse and $15. We also delve deep into the newspaper archives to piece together stories about South Asians accused of crimes in the early 1900s, and try and fill in the gaps.

Banka Singh mughshot page. City of Vancouver Archives.

Letter from Hopkinson to Cory. Library and Archives Canada.

A "Sword Dance" performed for the King and Queen (1912). British Film Institute.

Photographs and Documents Referenced in S02 E01:

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