SPECIAL EPISODE 05: Country of Origin

R.M.S. Aorangi in Burrard Inlet. City of Vancouver Archives. Reference Code: AM54-S4-: SGN 308

The first challenge to Canada’s discriminatory “Continuous Journey” regulation took place on February 14, 1908, less than a month after the regulation was put on the books. Six South Asian passengers onboard the S.S. Aorangi made their voyage to Canada via Fiji but were denied entry because they did not come to Canada via their country of origin. In this episode, Milan, Paneet and Naveen – with special guest Anita Singh – share insight into Fiji and the indentured labour movement, and discuss how South Asians from anywhere in the British Empire were restricted from coming to Canada.

Passenger List of the Aorangi – Source: Library and Archives Canada

Newspaper clipping titled, “Canadian Pacific” – Source: University of British Columbia media archives

Newspaper clipping titled, “Would Deport Hindus” – Source: University of British Columbia media archives

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