TNC Podcast: Racism + The Canadian Election

“You know what? You should cut your turban off, you’ll look like a Canadian.”

We can’t have a conversation about this Canadian election without talking about racism. But this isn’t a new issue; for those of us who have experienced systemic racism since we were young, the only difference here is that more people are being forced to hear and learn about it. And certainly, Jagmeet Singh, Canada’s first racialized candidate for Prime Minister, has made things even more uncomfortable for Canadians who don’t like turbans, Black, Indigenous and POC folks.

From Blackface to Quebec’s Bill 21, to this CTV headline “Some voters question whether Canada is ready for a PM with a turban,” Naveen, Paneet and Milan chat about racism and the 2019 Canadian election on the latest episode of The Nameless Collective Podcast.

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