Updated: Jan 24

The impact of the Farmer’s protest has reverberated around the world. This week Milan, Paneet and Naveen examine The Trolley Times – a multilingual publication recording the stories of the protest through poetry, editorial, and journalism. They discuss The Trolley Times as part of a longer tradition of revolutionary publications like Gadhar Di Goonj and highlight the nuanced look at gender and caste that sets it apart.

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The Nameless Collective Podcast is hosted by Milan Singh, Naveen Girn and Paneet Singh, and recorded on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish Peoples. This podcast is produced in partnership with

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Sources mentioned in this episode: Trolley Times Image – Source: The Thinkera

Hindustanee Image – Source: City of Vancouver Archives

The Hindustanee Volume 1 No. 1 Page 1 | Komagata Maru Journey

English Translators of Trolley Times: Amritpan, Sahib Singh, Kanwal Puneet, and Annita K

Acknowledgements: The poem was translated by Kulwant Singh Nadeem Parmar and Sandeep Singh in 2015 for VIBC’s Songs of Revolution. Milan Singh was the event lead.