Episode 1: White Canada Forever?

Updated: Jan 24

Welcome to The Nameless Collective Podcast, hosted by Naveen Girn, Milan Singh & Paneet Singh – a trio of historians and storytellers fascinated with South Asian and Canadian History.

Sant Teja Singh. Photo by Bain News Service, now located at Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. From http://saada.org.

Originally published on JugniStyle.com - May 23rd, 2017

In the first episode, we set the context for early South Asian migration to Vancouver, Canada. The “White Canada Forever” movement, race riots, Sant Teja Singh, and Chiquita bananas make an appearance.

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Photographs referenced in this episode:

“Hindoo Religious Procession Vancouver,” 1905. Vancouver Public Library Archives.

Race riot. Vancouver Public Library Archive.

Guru Nanak Mining & Trust Company certificate, November 15, 1909. From http://komagatamarujourney.ca.

Episode References:

Mary Alpuche from the Belize Archives & Records Service.

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Hansard Index: Parliament of Canada/Parlement du Canada

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